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The FIRST and ONLY Paramotor/Paragliding forum in South Africa
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Welcome - Sign up, Log in, say hello!!

Post by Turbo » Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:54 pm

Hello and welcome to the first and only South African Paramoter forum.

This forum was created and funded by the team at Bolterauer Paramotor Products for the purpose of education, promotion and enjoyment of the paramotoring and paragliding sport and community.

Who are the administrators and moderators?
We are a gathering of Paramotor Pilots, importers, dealers, instructors, competition pilots and leisure pilots from total beginner to very experienced, from all over South Africa.

This forum is an open discussion platform for all who are interested in the sport of paragliding and powered paragliding alike. We welcome any pilot, prospective pilot, interested person, importer, instructor, and community member, no matter your preference in product, machine, trike, glider etc.

Its here for you as a central location for information, to share your knowledge, to learn from others and to share your experiences.
Post your pictures and videos. Organise a fly-in or just banter. Most of all have fun!

Are you a dealer or have you got something to sell..? -- You have your own free section to advertise.
Everything on the forum is free and always will be - funded by Bolterquer Paramotor Products.

It’s here for the use and benefit of the entire South African community.

The small print:
We believe a public forum is a place for open and honest discussion. We would expect you to have an opinion the same as you would if we were stood in a field talking.
While some discussions may get heated, bullying and foul language will not be tolerated but you will not be banned for having an opinion.

Please feel free to join in at any time with your contribution. A forum is only as good as the people who contribute to it. If we all just read the forum and never posted there would be nothing to read….!!

Sign up, log in, say hello!!